Welcome to my web place. It kind of feels like a home away from home for me. I hope that you enjoy the little pieces of our world that I have loved and tried to capture in a small space of time.
I am thrilled to share them.

As a background for me, I have been doing photography for about thirty years as an avocation. I have used most film formats from 35mm to 8x10 view, but found 5x7 view contact prints and medium format to be my favorite. For the last several years, I have shot almost exclusively in digital format. I continue to produce handcoated prints in alternative processes such as palladium/platinum and gum bichromate for which I mostly make digital negatives(this took about 3 yrs to learn). I have also recently begun to produce archival inkjet photo prints on rice paper which is a semi translucent paper with inclusions- a very beautiful process. Never stop experimenting!

A word about purchasing. Smug Mug, the host site for my web page, has contracted with a high quality commercial photo lab to produce and distribute the prints which you order online. Prices, sizes and surface finishes are listed. If you have concerns you may contact me at the email below.

These prints can also be ordered from me as fine art prints on 100% rag paper, matted and mounted with 100% rag board. I can offer these in the 7x10 (approx), 10x15, and 12x18 inch sizes at $60, $70, and $80 respectively. This includes shipping in the US. To order, contact me at timfreemanphoto@aol.com

Finally, the rice paper and the alternative process prints can only be ordered from me, as the lab cannot produce them. The rice paper prints , unless otherwise indicated are essentially in unlimited editions. The gum bichromate are one of a kind prints and the palladium platinum prints are in limited quantities as these are both hand coating processes and each is unique. Pricing is listed in the galleries as I post them.

Again thank you for visiting me here. Enjoy as you will, and if you want to purchase anything I would be delighted.

Tim Freeman